Shuswap Ultra

10KM Route



Elevation gain: 189 meters

Elevation loss: 189 meters

Estimated completion time: 1hrs – 2hrs

Trail Type: 75% Single Track & 25% Double Track

Aid Available @  2KM & 6.5KM


Route: Moose Snowshoe Trail, Larch Hills Road, Ermine Frolic, Ridge Run, Upper Lost In The Woods Snowshoe Trail, South Hub (Penti’s Shelter), Reino’s Run, Ermin Frolic Loop, Bruin’s Ramble, Cottonwood Cutoff, South Hub (Penti's Shelter), Interpretive Trail/Coffey's Climb, Interpretive Trail, Larch Hills Road, Stig's Loop, Interpretive Trail, Frodo's Bog, Upper Lost In The Woods Snowshoe Trail, Ridge Run, Ermine Frolic, Larch Hills Road, Moose Snowshoe Trail