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About Lewiston Ultra Events

My name is Kara Leinweber and I am the Owner & Director of Lewiston Ultra Events.

I am a momma to two little dudes, well one isn’t so little anymore, and wife to an extremely kind husband. The fourth love of my life is running and I am forever grateful for run communities and believe 100% in giving back; I will always offer up time, support & energy because that’s how my momma raised me. I also work in the Oil & Gas sector and support other events including, the Salty Dog Enduro; there is A TON of juggling but I wouldn’t change a single thing and am thankful for every moment & connection.

I have been trail running, cross training & involved in community since sliced bread, or close to. In 2014, I met Jessica Janzen (Lewiston’s momma) at One Cycle Spin Studio and was attracted to her energy and enthusiasm. She was easily one of my favorite instructors; she was unwavering and I definitely turned up the dial when she prompted me to spin my heart out.

My in-laws purchased a family home in Sicamous, British Columbia in 2015 & I couldn’t wait to check out the single track & connect with the local trail community. I ran the Larch Hills Traverse and drooled over the endless lake views, moss on moss and world class trail system (PINCH ME!); I immediately reached out to the Shuswap Trail Alliance and started collaborating. Several conversations later, we had a rough course map and a dream I was running for; I was going to create a sanctioned trail race event that would showcase rad trails & an even radder community.   

In the heart of all of this, I heard of Jessica’s gorgeous baby boy, Lewiston James. One of the communities I am fortunate to call family was coming together to support this precious baby as he was diagnosis with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). My husband and I attended the first fundraising spin class at One Cycle & cried as we spun our hearts out. When we came out of the class, Ronnie Olstad (Lewiston’s papa) was in the lobby with baby Lewiston in his pram. My husband and Ronnie shook hands & shared conversation. I will find out in the ride home that they grew up in the same community, their parents are connected and Ronnie played on the same baseball teams as my husband’s brother. I remember settling that same evening, captivated by how we are connected and little Lewiston. Without hesitation, I told my husband the race should be called The Lewiston Ultra. I had a route, supportive community and now we had a reason to rise up, run towards your roar, push past your limits and give back to what would soon be The Lewiston Foundation/Love for Lewiston. After several conversations with Jessica & Ronnie Olstad, I was honored to present Lewiston Ultra Events.

The first annual Shuswap Ultra, a Lewiston Ultra Event, was held on Sept 29, 2018.

In 2020, Moose Mountain Trail Races, hosted in Kananaskis, Alberta, became part of Lewiston Ultra Events. Moose Mountain Trail Races was introduced to me in 2015; I was blessed to be one of two volunteer Directors for four years & until its final sanctioned event in 2019. It is an incredible honor to be trusted to take the reins on the oldest sanctioned trail race in Alberta.

In 2022, Lewiston Ultra Events hosted the inaugural BC Backyard Ultra, in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. The BC Backyard Ultra is 

approved SILVER TICKET event in support of the Canadian Championship and Big's Backyard Ultra World Championship.

Lewiston Ultra Events gives back to community & also hosts group runs, socials & orientation runs. I am obsessed with connecting community, rising up & giving back. 

I can’t wait to see y’all at the start line!

Christine Goode

Volunteer Coordinator

Running has always been a great way to clear my mind, focus on breath and enjoy nature. I've been running since high school, but really started to enjoy it again once I began discovering the many different run groups around Calgary. I've completed race distances from 5km to 60km  & enjoy both road and trail running. 


The trail running community is such a welcoming group full of contagious energy - the instant bond that forms between people sharing movement outdoors is magical! 


I'm looking forward to fostering a fun volunteer experience with plenty of laughter, connection and support.


Elizabeth Burke

Timing, Course & Volunteer Support

An avid outdoor enthusiast and photographer, I spend my free time trail running, hiking, swimming, and paddleboarding. I've been a runner for much of my life, moving into ultra running in 2019.  


Helping runners achieve their goals is my favorite part of the run community. Whether you're crushing your 150th ultra or running a kilometer non-stop for the first time, it's a milestone I want to celebrate with you.

Leo Fung

Caroline Weber, Live Wire, Pollyanna

I took up trail running because back in the day, my extracurricular after-school activities were substantially more academic than athletic.  And the one cool thing about the community is that it's one of those few non-judgemental places that will unhesitatingly take you in regardless of your background or how broken you think you are. 


I'm a big believer in trail karma and leaving this place in a better shape than when you found it, so when Kara and the LUE team gave me this opportunity to help out in the local running village that has helped me grow and open my heart so much, I saw it as a natural fit to my values and goals.  I'm super stoked to be a part of something big like this, and am looking forward to celebrating your fitness in the near term!

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