Lewiston Ultra Events Presents
The BC Backyard Ultra

BC Backyard Ultra is hosted in Little Mountain Park in Salmon Arm, British Columbia and supports the Canadian Championship Series & Big’s Backyard Ultra World Championship.

The Backyard format is inclusive and allows participants the chance to run with community, set a personal record, lean in to support & challenge each other, experience an ultra that brings you back to home base over and over again and encourages you to dig deep and push yourself until you meet your own finish line.


The BC Backyard Ultra is an approved SILVER TICKET event in support of the Canadian Championship and Big's Backyard Ultra World Championship. The winner of the BC Backyard Ultra will receive an invitation to participate in the Canadian Championship (every other year) and opportunity to compete in the World Championship.


The BC Backyard Ultra will host 100 racers & there is no waitlist.


Every hour on the hour, runners must complete 6706 meters (4.167 miles/6.7056 kms).


Three minutes before the top of the hour, three whistles will blow. Get ready.

Two minutes before the top of the hour, two whistles will blow. Take a deep breath & smile.

One minute before the top of the hour, one whistle will blow. Time to make your way to the starting chute.


When the bell rings at the start of the hour, you must be present, ready to go and in the starting chute. If you are not in the starting chute and do not start when the bell rings, you are disqualified.


When one runner remains, they will complete one more loop, a last loop, a victory loop. 


There is only one winner; all other participants will DNF (did not finish).

2023 registration includes RABBIT TBD, complimentary race photos & donations towards community. Full list of what's included in the 2023 racer kit is in Registration.

BC Backyard Ultra gives back to Shuswap Trail Alliance, charity of choice (to be decided annually by registered participants) & other community/volunteer organizations and shareholders.

NOTE: The 2023 BC Backyard Ultra will be hosted with general safety/COVID-19 protocols; at this time there are no restrictions for outdoor sporting events, in kind to BC Backyard Ultra.