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BC Backyard - Registraton Anchor

Racer Information



Huge love for supporting the BC Backyard Ultra, hosted by Lewiston Ultra Events. Lewiston Ultra Events is owned and directed by one devoted trail runner that is working hard to ensure participants have the greatest experience, get the biggest bang for their buck, create lasting memories and give back.


WHEN: Friday, April 26th, 2024 @ 8am

WHERE: Start/Finish, Staging Area @ Sicamous Public Beach Park (110 Finlayson Street, Sicamous, British Columbia)

MANDATORY RACER CHECK IN: Friday, April 26th @ 7am until approx. 7:45am. We will attempt to contact runners that have NOT checked in but have picked up their race package (you must check in or you will DNS - Did Not Start).  

RACE BRIEFING: Racer guide, event details, course info, etc will be hosted on the Lewiston Ultra Events YouTube channel & not at the start line. Link to the 2024 RACE BRIEFING VIDEO will be emailed to registered racers prior to event week. Racers can also watch the video here.

Crew, family, racers and community are encouraged to park at Sicamous Beach Park Entrance & Access.


The BC Backyard Ultra course (Sicamous Beach Park, Riverfront Nature Park) is open to the public on race day. Please be mindful, courteous and aware of other users.





Sicamous Public Beach (Concession/Canteen Area)

110 Finlayson Street

Sicamous British Columbia


*There is option for race package pick up on race morning (between 7:00am-7:30am at the staging area, start/finish) HOWEVER, this should be a last minute alternative.


Government issued identification is required to pick up race package. It is acceptable to pick up for another registered runner with confirmation (text/email) and/or photo of photo ID. Paper copy is not required; showing confirmation on electronic device (phone/tablet) is preferred.


*Bibs are for assigned runner only and are not to be passed along to another runner.




The BC Backyard Ultra is hosted in Sicamous with start/finish at the Sicamous Public Beach Park (110 Finlayson Street).  

The route is a combination of forested riverfront trail and pavement with an elevation gain/loss of less than 20m.


Every hour on the hour, runners must complete 6706 meters (4.167 miles/6.7056 kms). It’s up to you how fast or slow you go but you must finish within the hour and be ready to start the next loop at the start of the next hour.


Three minutes before the top of the hour, three whistles will blow.

Two minutes before the top of the hour, two whistles will blow. 

One minute before the top of the hour, one whistle will blow.


When the bell rings at the start of the hour, you must be in the starting chute. If you are not in the starting chute and do not start when the bell rings, you are disqualified.


When one runner remains, they must complete a last loop, a victory loop. 


There is only one winner; all other participants will DNF (did not finish).


Except for restrooms, racers are not permitted to leave the course until each loop is completed.


No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners).


Aid, pacers, crew, etc are not permitted on course.


No artificial aids (poles or wizard sticks).


Day or night: no ear buds or headphones

External speakers, at a reasonable level are permitted while on the nighttime route. No ear buds. No headphones. Please be aware conscious of other racers, residential area and wildlife.


Slower runners must allow pass.



The course will be marked with flagging tape, pin flags, reflective markers, directional arrows and wrong way X. Runners are required to stay on course and cross any roadways/transitions at designated locations ONLY.



There is no pacing.

Non-participants (human & animal) are not permitted to accompany runners along the course.

THE BIBS (#1-#100):
Racers are required to check in at the end of each loop and will be chip timed. Bib # should be worn on the front of your body and visible at all times.


The aid station at the start/finish will include water, boiling water, broth, burgers, oatmeal, popsicles, ice, tea & coffee. In case of emergency, we will have limited electrolyte, pop & sweet/salty snacks. 

There is no aid or aid station on course; support and/crews are not permitted to provide support on course.

Basic first aid items will be available.

If you prefer something special, we recommend you bring the items with you.

Lewiston Ultra Events is sustainable.  Please bring your cup, mug, water bottle(s) or bladder for fluids as well as a bowl and spoon for soup, warm water, etc.  

Pack out what you pack in. All racers, crews, support, etc must take personal garbage, recyclables, compost, etc when you are done your race.

Flushable toilets and sinks are available.


If you decide to drop from the race, YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM THE RACER BOARD at race headquarters and advise the race director you are finished.  



Race Director and medical support have the absolute authority to withdrawal a runner from the race should they feel it unsafe for the runner to continue (dehydration, hypothermia, debilitating injury, unprepared for the conditions, etc). The runner MUST comply with this decision.


Racers will be journeying through forested non technical trail and sections of pavement.  

All racers should carry or consider carrying water/electrolyte, salt, calories, whistle, windproof/light jacket, as well as headlamp/extra batteries (for night running).

We STRONGLY encourage racers to have a crew or support person for this event. Time between each loop may be minimal and you will want to focus on calorie intake and rest while your support crew replenishes your supplies and cares for you.

Your crew or support does not need to be a runner. This person or persons should be someone that you are comfortable with, that is loyal, positive and understands your needs (we recommend creating a schedule of what you may want and when). It is important to switch out your support crew (we all get tired) and we suggest sharing your goals with your crew so they can remind you of your why.

We STRONGLY encourage you to incorporate sleep in your rest time. Even a few minutes can make a world of difference.

You are welcome & encouraged to bring a 10x10 tent, please consider sharing space with other runners (new friends, yay!). We will not have 10x10 tents for racer use. You and your support crew should be prepared, rain or shine, and your staging area could include folding chair(s), zero gravity chair(s), cot or place to rest, fire pit (must be attended at all times), sleeping bag, blanket, warm clothing (easy to put on and take off between loops) and anything else you may require. You only have a 10x10 space & please consider sharing, if possible.

Basic supplies such as sunscreen, bug spray, medical kit, toiletries, extra socks, etc are recommended.

Pets are welcome, as long as they are on leash, properly trained & well behaved; dogs are not permitted to accompany their runner on course.

The ‘OTHER’ Race Rules:
*Participants must be 19 years of age or older on race day
*NO LITTERING. You will be disqualified from the race and banned future entry
*PACK OUT what you PACK IN - all garbage, recycling, compost must leave with you
*Follow the course as marked/flagged in the direction of the race
*Please use washroom facilities if available or common sense when relieving yourself
*No storing food or supplies along the trail/course
*Runners are expected to be mindful of other runners and perform in a sportsmanlike manner
*Runners/participants are responsible for all forms of medical coverage (costs of rescue services, treatment, hospitalization, emergency evacuation (air lifting) and helicopter/ground search)



There is cellular reception at the start/finish area as well as on course.


Runners aren’t the only ones that enjoy the trails and area around Riverfront Nature Park. These trails are home to black bear, grizzly bear, cougar, bobcat, moose, deer, etc. It is highly unlikely for a potential meeting with our furry friends but in the off chance of an encounter, they want as much to do with you as you want with them.


Several residents also bring their dogs to the Riverfront Nature Park. None of the trails are designated off leash however, many dogs will be off leash and should be properly trained and behaved well.

If wildlife activity has been reported on the course or near the course prior to, or on race day, the course may be modified.


To learn more about wildlife encounters in British Columbia and the DOs & DO NOTs visit:



If you encounter an injured runner, please call 911 first, then race headquarters @ 587-899-7125.


DO NOT GO OFF COURSE. If you have become disorientated, please back track or retrace your steps to the last flag you seen. The course will be marked with flagging tape, pin flags, reflective markers, directional arrows and wrong way X.



Contact and/or Kara @ 587-899-7125.


Thank you for choosing the BC Backyard Ultra as part of your 2024 race schedule; we are incredibly honored to be part of your journey and excited to host you!

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