Moose Mountain Trail Races

50KM Route


50KM (8:30AM START)

Elevation gain: 2351meters

Elevation loss: 2351meters

Estimated completion time: 4 hrs – 7.5 hrs

Trail Type: 50% Single Track & 50% Double Track

Aid Available @  9KM, 13KM, 17.5KM, 21.5KM, 35KM & 41KM

CUT OFF 1 – Runners must pass thru the switchback or aid station at T-Junction [16KM or 20KM] by 1pm. Runners after the 1pm cut off will be assisted off the mtn & brought to the finish line.

CUT OFF 2 - Runners must arrive at the aid station at Moose Connector [35KM]  by 2pm or they will be redirected to the finish line & will DNF.