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Lewiston Ultra Events


2022 racer split times and finish times, click here!

2022 top finishers for 16KM, 29KM, 42KM, 50KM:

16KM Top Finishers

Audrey Guyonnet - 1:29:20

Evan Birch - 1:16:46

29KM Top Finishers

Carly McKenzie- 2:56:27

Michio Green - 2:17:49 (New Course Record)

42KM Top Finishers

Michelle Katchur Roberts- 4:02:12

Mitchell Valic- 3:20:54 (New Course Record)

50KM Top Finishers
​Erica Fredstrom - 5:34:12

Daylan Wizniuk - 6:07:45

Each top finisher was awarded a custom painting by Kelowna artist, Nathan Karsgaard, of Folk & Wild

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