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Lewiston Ultra Events


2023 racer split times and finish times, click here!

2023 top finishers for 16KM, 29KM, 42KM, 50KM:

16KM Top Finishers

Melissa Doolaar - 1:25:55

Tristan Veilleux - 1:12:52

29KM Top Finishers

Ali McPherson- 2:32:39 (New Course Record)

Danny Tresise - 2:34:54

42KM Top Finishers

Tracy Lee - 4:37:19

Jeremie Batias 3:51:12

50KM Top Finishers
Alison Criscitiello - 6:45:12

Andrew Williams - 5:21:50

Top finishers were awarded a walnut MMTR charcuterie board by local artist, Wild Woods Goods Gal

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